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WANTED: information, downloads, anything!
Original design Mike Hungerford 2002, yellow version by Jonathan Leslie.  But be warned - no formers, no instructions, missing parts (wing construction), nose construction not very clear - I have asked them for an upgraded file, so we'll have to wait. Would love to build this in the bright red of the tin toys of the era!
* * *
Jules Verne's bullet, by Ladislav Badalec. After my earlier request I received the following message from Vojtech Volny:
'I have two information for you, one is bad and one is good. The bad is that I canīt send it to you. I made two pieces of this model for two different exhibitons. It was made by copying originals from Mr. Badalec. He constructed this model in early '90 for publisher Albatros but unfortunatelly it was never published because the publisher ended paper craft publishing and partly went to bankruptcy.
The good information for you is that Mr. Badalec is remaking model and wants to prepare it to set it out'.
So we will wait patiently. If you spot it before I do, please mail me?
* * *